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Get free paks of Skittles fruit candies!

Face it - we all love those chewy tangy bite-size fruit candies that go by the name Skittles! So what's this site? You guessed it! We at freeSkittles are all about giving out free paks of Skittles to our visitors! Cool!

How do I get free Skittles?

Welcome to freeSkittles, and thank you for coming back to visit us!
We are overwhelmed by the response to our program, and we thank you very much for your interest.

It seems that our partner site has had some technical difficulties, and therefore the full program will be available in the coming days ahead.

But since have already delayed the program once, and we thank you for your patience, we have decided to run a temporary contest for free Skittles until our partner site has resolved their problem!


Here's how the contest works:
Everyday, there will be a total of 10 packs of Skittles available to be won.
A logo like this one will be hidden within the freeSkittles site:

All you have to do is search the pages of the freeSkittles site, and if you find it, you've won yourself a free pack of Skittles. Claim it by clicking the logo!
Once a pack has been awarded, it will be re-hidden on another page, but at a different time, to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to win. So don't worry, you can win at noon or midnight, those Skittles won't be awarded all at the same time!

Happy hunting!

We are asking all Skittles lovers (YOU) who are interested in receiving free Skittles candies in the mail in the near future to spread the word about this site, so that we know that there is an interest in freeSkittles!

First of all, sign the guestbook with your comments about what you think about free Skittles! This will give us an idea of actually how many surfers like you who want free Skittles!

Next, help promote this site - Things you can do:

  • Send an email to your fellow Skittles loving friends and family members!
    Tell them to visit !
  • Do you visit any free stuff sites? Email them about this site, and include the link !
  • Know of any freebie message boards? Post a message there about this site with the link and mention that we are launching soon!
  • Are you a freebie site webmaster? Put a link to on your site and email us about it! Your site could be linked back to right on this page!

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